Internet Access


Internet Access



Offices: Internet access is provided through ethernet in every faculty for every personnel.

Student Housing: Internet access is provided through ethernet, wired or wireless, in all dorm for every student housing facility.


Is wireless access available on campus?

Yes, wireless services is provided in all the buildings and in some outdoor areas.

Wireless services is provided from nearly 1050 access points inside the buildings. "Boun_Wlan", "eduroam" and "eduroam_setup" broadcasts are active on access points in the buildings. In the dorms, "eduroam" and "eduroam_setup" broadcasts are active on access points. For outdoor places, wireless services is provided from 7 access points and only "eduroam" broadcasts are active on access points.

In the university, outdoor areas, in that wireless services is provided, are listed below;

Outdoor Wireless Coverage Areas in the Univesity

What do I need to obtain a wireless Internet connection?
Firstly, your computer must have a wireless ethernet adaptor. Your network settings should be in accordance with your device, and all TCP/IP configurations should be left on automatic. It is also necessary to be at most 50 meters away from a wireless access point.

How can I send and receive e-mail with a wireless connection?
You must configure your e-mail client with the following servers:
Incoming mail(pop3):
Outgoing mail(smtp):

Laboratories: Students may access the Internet via the Computer Center laboratories. Click here for detailed information about Computer Center laboratories.